The JSBA currently has registered animals in 6separate flock book statuses. The method of registry is such that any animal that enters the JSBA registration program from any source outside of the organization's registry is placed, upon passing the inspection procedure, in the "FF" or Foundation Flock book. When this animal is bred to another Jacob sheep that is at least registered in the "FF" flock, their offspring offspring will be placed in the "A" flock book. JSBA currently has activated "FF", "A", "B", "C","D", "E", "F", and "G" flock books.

The graduated flock book method guarantees that all  animals on a registered pedigree with X number of generations met the breed standard. If you purchase a "C" flock animal, then you are guaranteed that this particular animal has both sets of parents at least at the "B" flock level, 4 grandparents at the "A" level, and 8 great grandparents at the "FF" level that all passed the inspection procedure. It is a way of scrutinizing every lamb born, no matter what generation, or how long a pedigree it has. The graduated flock book method of accepting animals for registration has been going on in the UK in every branch of their rare breeds since 1972. If an animal does not fit a breed standard then it is not accepted for registration.

Can you have a lamb born to two "D" flock parents that does not meet the breed standard?
Yes. This can happen, although the likelihood is much less than if you were using two "FF" generation animals.

What happens if a sheep has one parent that is FF and one parent that is A, B, C, D, or E?
The lamb is entered into the flock book ONE letter higher than the lowest parent...e.g., FF + C = A registered lamb; B + C = C registered lamb.

All applicants must be current members of JSBA to present sheep for registration. Animals may be submitted for registration and transferred to non-members if the breeder is a member.

Registration applications are now available for download. The form may be filled in online and printed.

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