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The Jacob Sheep Breeder's Association (JSBA) has over 200 members across the United States and Canada. Many of the following listings offer fleece, fiber and finished products in addition to breeding stock. Members are listed alphabetically, by region.

Note: Only those members who have asked to be included in this directory are listed below - this is not a complete membership list. Members: You can find more information and apply to be listed clicking here.

Please understand that you, as the customer, are always responsible for educating yourself regarding what you want in any purchase.  The JSBA is not responsible for the individual sales practices of its members.

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Region #1 - Northwest

Includes: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming.

  • Londa Anklam and Anna Hamburg, Ank-Lambs
    34835 Ede Road, Lebanon, OR. 97355 Phone (541) 259-3857
    Dyed & Natural Wool, Fleece, Roving, Sheepskins, Skulls, Needlefelting kits, Breeding Stock, Locker Lambs
    For "Jacob Sheep & More..." books, kits, embroidery patterns, custom artwork, signs, etc. click on our shops below.
    E-mail: Web Page:, 
  • Kathryn A. Burnson, Cedar Pond
    PO Box 803, McKenna, WA 98558. Phone (360) 458-2583.
    Registered Breeding Stock, Fleece/Fiber, Pelts/Sheepskins, Finished Products
    We sell fiber and items crafted from the wool of our Jacob Sheep. Rugs, saddle pads, handspun yarn, wool batts for spinning, locker hooking kits, nativity sheep.
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Toodie Connor DVM, Sheydon, Emerald Glen Farm
    23200 Yeager Rd., Monroe, WA 98272. Phone (360) 794-7877.
  • Jan Gillanders, Jacob's Fleece
    693 Big Leaf Lane, Quilcene, WA 98376. Phone (360) 765-0103.
    Fleece/Fiber,Yarn, Finished Products
    Home grown, hand spun yarn, knitted felt handbags and accessories. Sweaters, scarfs, hats, mittens, heirloom baby items and much more.
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Jeff and Jan Jaqua, Drumcliffe Farm
    52203 E. Terra Fern Dr., Sandy, OR 97055 Phone (503) 577-7010.
    Breeding stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins, Finished Products, Other Breeds
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Jeannette and William Joosse, Joosse's Farm
    23057 Warthen Rd., Elmira, OR 97437 Phone (541) 935-6303. E-mail:
  • Murray and Nancy Ketteler
    PO Box 484, Ft. Pierre, SD 57532. Phone (605) 962-6492. E-mail:
  • Karen Lobb and Doug Montgomery, bide a wee farm
    19562 NE Calkins Lane, Newberg, OR 97132. Phone (503) 538-7987
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins, Navajo-Churro Sheep.
    Jacob and Navajo-Churro breeding stock. All registered or sold with a registration guarantee. Award winning fleeces, roving, yarn and pelts. Visit our website for sale lists w/photos and pedigrees. Ask about delivery. Web
  • Corrine and Scott Logan, Willows Edge Farm
    8095 S Cloverdale Rd. Boise, ID 83709 Phone (208) 779-0483. E-mail:
  • Ingrid & Alan Painter, Puddleduck Farm
    25782 Timber Rd., Brownsville, OR 97327. Phone (541) 466-3203.
    Registered Breeding Stock, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Felt, Finished Products, Roving, Pelts/Sheepskins, Navajo-Churro Sheep.
    Flock reduction. Many ewes and rams to sell. Jacob/Alpaca roving in three natural colors. Felted sheets. Web Page:
  • Crystal Pritchard, Newberry Farm
    61865 Dobbin Road, Bend, OR 97702 Phone (541) 815-6761 E-mail:
  • Dennis and Barbara Schultz, Green Water Farm
    250 N. Jacob Miller Rd., Port Townsend, WA 98368. Phone (360) 379-0338. E-mail:
  • Dawn Stuart, Bear Creek Farm
    23075 Bear Creek Rd, Bend, Oregon 97701. Phone (541) 318-6288
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Pelts/sheepskins
    We have a large flock of all natural, pasture-raised registered breeding stock. We also sell raw fleece, roving, felt, pelts, and horn buttons.
    E-mail: Web page:

  • Judy Taylor, Edeldal Farm
    PO Box 2003, Auburn, WA 98071. Phone (253) 315-9102.
    Registered Breeding Stock, Yarn, Finished Products, Fleece/Fiber, Angora Goats.
    Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Finished Products, Angora Goats. 
    Jacob wool makes fantastic rugs!  Try my new book, "Joy of Hooking (with yarn!)", as well as kits and supplies to make your own heirloom rugs..

    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Sandra Van Liew, Windy Acres
    68987 Willow Creek Rd., Heppner, OR 97836. Phone (541) 676-5050.
  • Cathie and Mark Williams, Swallow Lane Farm & Fiberworks
    8323 SE Millihanna, Olalla, WA 98359. Phone (253) 857-2669.
    Registered Breeding Stock, Yarn, Fleece/Fiber, Angora Goats
    Web page:

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Region #2 - North

Includes: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin.

  • Gary and Dianne Anderson, Hillside Jacobs
    12250 Phelps Avenue, Sparta, MI 49435. Phone (616) 887-6128
    Registered Breeding Stock.
    Our Jacob Sheep are reasonably priced with the goal to place high-quality animals with new and continuing conservators of this magnificent breed.
    E-mail: Web page:
  • Karen Askounis & Terry Lamastus, Three Fates Farm
    3320 E. Danne Road, Crete, IL 60475. Phone (708) 514-4962
    Registerd Breeding Stock, Fleece/Fiber, other breeds
    We raise Jacob Sheep to conserve this great breed. Breeding stock and fleeces available.
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Peg Bostwick and Joe Bohr, Sweetgrass Farm
    7521 South Forest Hill Rd., St. Johns, MI 48879 Phone (517) 626-6981
    Registered Breeding Stock, Fleece/Fiber, Pelts/Sheepskins.

    Registered Jacobs selected for breed character, wool quality, conformation, and temperament since 1987. Show quality breeding stock usually available. Skirted fleeces, roving, pelts. Members ALBC

    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Jenny Brown & Matt Merry, Pandora Cattle Co.
    W6399 Cty Rd O, Endeavor, WI 53930 Phone - Jenny (262) 894-0460, Matt (608) 617-9069
  • Dan and Sandy Carpenter, Dandy's Cherry Knoll
    3405 Parman Rd., Dansville, MI 48819. Phone (517) 565-3060.
  • Carl Fosbrink, 4 Horn Farm
    2447 N. CR 1000 E., Seymour, IN 47274. Phone: (812) 522-3048
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Sheepskins
    Registered breeding stock, locker lamb, fleeces, fibers, yarn, sheepskins, horns, and everything Jacob. Other fiber and fiber animals include Angora and Mohair
  • Carl Fredericks & Becky Rehl, Cold Valley Farm
    10246 Gilbertson Rd., Mt. Horeb, WI 53572. Phone (608) 437-4395
    Registered Breeding Stock
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Bill and Gunnar Gullquist, Coon Ridge Farm
    2944 N US Hwy 45-52, Clifton, IL 60927. Phone (815) 471-1204.
  • Todd Heins, Hadley Creek Jacobs
    1916 48th St. NE, Rochester, MN 55906. Phone (507) 421-7581.
  • Paula M. Kiselewski
    4721 E. Burbank Rd, Woodlawn, IL 62898. Phone (618) 237 7497.
  • Jason LittleBear, Jacobs Heritage Farm
    2196 Jacoby Rd, Copley, OH 44321. Phone (330) 864-8967
  • Jim and Diana Murphy, Dream Farm
    8877 Table Bluff Rd., Cross Plains, WI 53528. Phone: (608) 767-3442.
  • Zach and Lindsay Oaster, Fat Toaster Farm
    4455 13 Mile Rd. NE, Rockford, MI 49341. Phone: (616)856-2204
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins, Finished Products
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • David Charles Rader, Meat & Beauty Farm
    1038 Twp Rd 984, Ashland, OH 44805. Phone (419) 289-0750.
  • Kelli Stropes & Family, Different Things Farm
    4955 W 400 S, Trafalgar, IN 46181. Phone (317) 908-2063
  • Yvonne Uhlianuk, Mt. Bruce Station
    6440 Bordman Rd., Romeo, MI 48065. Phone (810) 798-2568
  • Dave and Delores Vind, French Creek Hill Farm
    N26992 Tolokken Rd., Arcadia, WI 54612. Phone (608) 525-2103. E-mail:

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Region #3 - Northeast

Includes: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont.

  • Steve & Trish Barrows, Amazing Grace Farm
    53 Old Ithaca Road, Candor, NY 13743 Phone (607) 659-7445
  • Lasell & Robert Bartlett, Fine Fettle Farm
    235 Sinclair Rd., North Haverhill, NH 03774 Phone (802) 274-2380
    Registered breeding stock, locker lamb, fleece/fiber, pelts/sheepskins
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Anthony, Heather, Jane and Mike Berger, Bella Pecora Farm
    315 South Main Street, Quakertown, PA 18951 Phone (267) 377-6230
  • Josh Bourget, Fiercehorn Farm
    140 John Steere Rd., P.O. Box 146, Chepachet, RI 02814 Phone (401) 824-9906
    Registered breeding stock, locker lamb, fleece/fiber, yarn, finished products
    I maintain a large flock of Jacobs, dedicated to preserving the older bloodlines and breeding for excellent horns, fleece, body conformation, and friendly sheep.
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Annamarie Clark, Pinebrooke Farm
    339 Danville Hill Road, Cabot, VT 05647. Phone (802) 563-2272
  • Bob & Diane May, Swayze Inn Farm
    1199 Hope-Bridgeville Rd., PO Box 349, Hope, NJ 07844. Phone (908) 459-5395. Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins, Finished products, Other Breeds..
    Dedicated to preseving the Jacob, our flock has diverse bloodlines, including "Hescock," "Rockies," and "Maverick" breeding. We also raise CVM Romedales and CVM X Jacob crosses.
    E-mail: Web page:
  • Ralene R. Mitschler, Chicory Lane Farm - Blue Flower Flock
    687 Oxford Ave., Hanover, PA 17331. Phone (717) 630-2988. Registered Breeding Stock, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins.
    E-mail: Web page:
  • Richard R. Muller, Bryn Gweled
    1805 Hillside Rd., Southampton, PA 18966. Phone (215) 357-8487
  • Marie Roenke, Spot Hollow Farm
    2586 Agard Rd., Trumansburg, NY 14886. Phone (607) 387-5494 . Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Pelts/Sheepskins, Finished products
    Web Page:
  • Joan Schnieber, Jenny Jump Farm
    668 CR 519, Belvidere, NJ 07823. Phone (908) 475-5109. Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins, Sparky Teddy Bears
    Web Page:
  • Carl Sjogren and Cheryl Siemienkiewicz, Hidden Forge Farm
    30 Little Rest Rd., Brimfield, MA 01010. Phone (413) 245-1013
    E-mail: or
  • Ryan and Amanda St. Peter
    P.O. Box 1252, Gray, Maine 04039 Phone (207) 657-7577
  • Nancy and John Sousa, Giant Rock Farm
    946 Russells Mills Road, South Dartmouth, MA 02748 Phone (508) 971-3371
  • Royal & Susan Unzicker, Ivy Brook Meadows
    1526 Diamond St., Sellersville, PA 18960. Phone (215) 453-1051.
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Pelts/Sheepskins
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Wayne & Edie Van Valkenburg, Joy Farm
    87 Eastlake Rd., Woodstown, NJ 08098.
  • Peggy Van Beek, Ridgecroft Farms
    31 Sunset Lake Rd., Hardwick, NJ 07825. Phone (908) 362-9028.

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Region #4 - Southwest

Includes: Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah.   

  • Lloyd and Ellen Bakan, Dry Creekside Farm
    5615 4th Street, Rio Linda, CA 95673. Phone (916) 992-9192. E-mail:
  • Brotherhood of Christ/Zach Miller, Sunny Brook Farm
    30984 190 Ave, Davis City, IA 50065 Phone 641-784-8874 E-mail:
  • John and Marissa Carabin, Abundance Farms
    3824 Hwy 14 N, Mexia, TX 76667 Phone (254) 339-8173 E-mail:
  • Beverly and Tom Carnes, Agarita Creek Farms
    1945 River Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 Phone (830) 997-7790
    Registered Breeding Stock, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Other Breeds (Navajo Churros)
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Simon & Joan Gross, Mud Ranch Jacobs
    700 Lewiston Rd, Lewiston, CA 96052 Phone (530) 778-0241
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lambs, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins, Finished Products
    E-mail: Web page:
  • Kay Kreutzer, Kreutzer Farms Jacobs
    15165 Hwy 10, Kearney, NE 68847. Phone (308) 237-5713.
    Registered Breeding Stock, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/sheepskins, Finished Products
    E-mail: Web page:

  • Robin and Dan Lynde, Meridian Jacobs
    7811 N. Meridian Rd., Vacaville, CA 95688. Phone (707) 678-5750.
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins, Yarn, Finished Products
    My flock has been bred for quality wool for many generations. I always have lambs available. I sell handwoven Jacob blankets or weave custom blankets or scarves using YOUR wool. Web Page:
  • Lorraine Nielsen, Four Winds Farm
    16565 Hwy 89, P.O. Box 4, Crescent Mills, CA 05034 Phone (530) 284-0971.
    Registered Breeding Stock, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Finished Products

    E-mail: Web page:
  • Connie Noble, Ginger Lynn Farms
    17201 Flowers Ln., Anderson, CA 96007 Phone (530) 365-2424 E-mail:
  • Marianne Craft Norton and Bob Norton, Craft's at Bluffton
    2572 Village Rd., Decorah, IA 52101. Phone (563) 735-5533. E-mail:
  • Mickey Ramirez and John Pierson, The Broken O
    2540 W. Mulberry St., Fort Collins, CO 80521. Phone (970) 491-9750 .
    Registered Breeding Stock, Fleece/Fiber, Pelts/Sheepskins, Finished Products
    Hand felted hats made exclusively from Jacob wool: baseball caps, ladies hats, fedoras and cowboy hats. Custom orders. Spotted Fever Hat Works
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Brian and Jennifer Tucker, Moose Mtn Ranch
    3890 Converse Rd., Bennett, CO 80102. Phone (303) 644-4603

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Region #5 - Southeast

Includes: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

  • Paul and Molly Baker, Springrock Farm
    3497 Westfork Creek Road, Westmoreland, TN. 37186 Phone (615) 666-4207
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber
    E-mail: Web Page
  • Dave and Linda Bjarkman, Patchwork Farm
    1197 Eastman Mountain Rd, Tiger, GA 30576. Phone (706) 782-7578
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn
    Registered Jacob Sheep since 1995. We select with an emphasis on four strong horns, excellent fleeces, and primitive character traits.Our flock includes both black/white and lilac/white.
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Joyce Branson, Maple Hollow Farm
    2371 White Horse Rd., Moneta, VA 24121. Phone (540) 297-4776
  • Cathy and Scott Brown, Canoe Lake Farm
    855 Double Bridges Rd., Winterville, GA 30683. Phone (706) 338-8052
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/sheepskins, Other Breeds
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Ronald and Deborah Carnes, The Cove Fields
    12407 Highway 107, Tuckasegee, NC 28783. Phone (828) 293-7070
    Registered Breeding STock, Fleece/Fiber, Pelts/Sheepskins, Locker Lamb
    Web Page:
  • Scott Gray, Gray Farms
    29947 West Jade Road, Bethany, MO 64424. Phone (660) 868-1450
  • Michael, Dorothy, Emily, and Gabe Hurley, Hurley Hideaway
    24790 Jones Rd, Mechanicsville, MD 20659. Phone (301) 904-4986
  • Nicholas Lund-Molfese
    689 S. Farm Road 253, Rogersville, MO 65742. Phone (417) 753-7758
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb
    Trinity Hills, located in the Missouri Ozarks, is a center for service, prayer, education and formation.
    E-mail: Web Page:
  • Ed & Pam Piepergerdes, Belle Ridge Farm
    12122 Sorrel Drive Excelsior Springs, MO 64024. Phone 816-520-2331 or 816-516-9461
  • Ralph & Arlene Reid, Lottaspotta
    6787 W. Hwy 22, Paris, AR 72855. Phone (479) 963-6438
  • Ron and Cynthia Shaffer, Red Clay Farm
    405 Red Clay Farm Rd. Cleveland, TN 37311. Phone (423) 596-1145
  • Shari Staines, Never Winter Farm
    Alpharetta, GA Phone (678) 596-7778
  • Mike & Cheryl Terrano, Painted Rock Farm
    Route 4 Box 726, Buckhannon, West Virgina 26201. Phone: (304) 457-6620
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins, Finished Products
    E-mail: Webpage:

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Includes all Canadian Provinces.

  • Cindy Ghent, Belmeadow
    10th line RR#1, Harriston, Ontario (Canada) N0G 1Z0. Phone (519) 510-2010 E-mail:
  • Leigh Nelson, Bent Willow Farm
    163 Stevens Rd. Kapuskasing, Ontario P5N 2X7. Phone (705) 335-4043
    Registered Breeding Stock, Locker Lamb, Fleece/Fiber, Yarn, Pelts/Sheepskins
    E-mail: Web Page:
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