The Jacob Sheep Breeders Association (JSBA) took over the work begun by the American Minor Breeds Conservancy , now known as the The Livestock Conservancy. The AMBC began identifying Jacob Sheep in North America in 1985. By 1988, the AMBC assisted the JSBA in forming a breed association and registry from a core group of breeders interested in the continuance and conservation of the breed. The first JSBA flock book was published the following year with over 400 animals inspected and registered. By 2006, over 10,000 Jacob Sheep had been registered by JSBA. Despite a steady increase in numbers, the American Jacob is still listed as a rare breed by the The Livestock Conservancy.

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JSBA members are encouraged to attend the 2017 JSBA Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held at Valley Brook Farm, 2075 County Highway 31, Cooperstown, NY on July 14-16, 2017. The AGM provides unique opportunities to meet other Jacob breeders; to see Jacobs beyond one’s own barnyard; to buy, sell and or swap sheep; and to learn more about the Jacob breed. Friday (July 14) activities will include afternoon and evening arrivals and socializing. Saturday (July 15) will be spent on a full-day, organized program. Sunday (July 16) will include morning departures and farewells.

Please reserve rooms for overnight lodging as early as possible. Rooms fill up quickly due to summertime tourism in the area. A campground is available next door to where the AGM will be held with cabins as well as campsites available.

www.cooperstowncamping.com  Located next door to the AGM, offering rough and deluxe cabins
Contact: cooperstownkoa@gmail.com

www.wyndhamhotels.com/travelodge/little-falls-new-york/travelodge-little-falls/overview?CID=LC:TL:20160927:Rio:Local&iata=00065402 (located ~20 miles from the AGM) PLEASE NOTE: 15 rooms blocked until July 1, $72 per room.
www.kcscorner.com (located ~2 miles from the AGM)
www.cooperstownlakehouse.com/hotel.html  (located ~10 miles from the AGM)
www.americanhotelny.com    (located ~13 miles from the AGM)  Featured in the program “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” and located across from the Beekman 1802 Store.
Rodeway Inn www.choicehotels.com 93 E Grand St., Palatine Bridge, NY 13428    (518 ) 673-3233 (located ~23 miles from the AGM)
Rodeway Inn & Suites www.choicehotels.com 121 Burgin Dr., Cobleskill, NY 12043 (located ~26 miles from the AGM)
www.redroof.com/property/Herkimer/NY/13350/-/RRI338 (located ~21 miles from the AGM)

Distances to local cities and towns
Cooperstown within 10 miles
Richfield Springs  7 miles   
Little Falls 20 miles    
Palatine 23.4 miles                                                
Utica 33.6 miles
Springfield 2 miles
Herkimer 21 miles
Sharon Springs 13 miles
Cobleskill 26 miles
Oneonta 35 miles

Local sites of interest include the Baseball Hall of Fame, Farmers Museum and Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, Erie Canal rides in Mohawk, and the Herkimer Diamond mines in Herkimer.

Members who use Facebook can stay current with information concerning the AGM at www.facebook.com/groups/286305485102708/?ref=bookmarks

A tentative program includes a Jacob sheep show, with youth showmanship classes, a costume class, shepherd’s lead class and sheep Olympics (obstacle course), as well as a wool show and photo contest, all that will fill most or all of Saturday morning. During the afternoon a tentative schedule includes a Q & A session including sheep evaluation and pricing, and wool processing, and fiber preparation. The annual business meeting also will be held. JSBA inspectors will be available to conduct on-site inspections. Additional information will be available as the program is developed. Pens will be available for members to bring sheep for display, sales, and swapping. Members interesting in flying to NY should consider the Syracuse and Albany Airports. Both are located sufficient distances from Cooperstown that ground transportation, e.g., rental car, will be required. A local airport is located in Cooperstown, but commercial service is limited.

Our individual pages explain:
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